Friday, April 24, 2009

We The Children of God

144000 names, they are written in Mother's heart. Earnestly Mother calls our names one by one praying day and night.
By the prayer of Mother, our names are shining in the Book of Life. We will praise our Holy Mother. Please receive our praise of thanks and love!

144000 voices, they are cherished in Mother's heart. Sorely Mother misses her loving children, shedding precious tears.
In the tears of Mother, our souls are cleansed from all our sins. We will please our Holy Mother. We are made new in Your tears and love!

144000 faces, they are pictured in Mother's heart. Heavenly brothers and sisters have been separated for 6000 years.
In the arms of Mother, we are now carried and feel satisfied. Quickly come Our Holy Father with Your power and great glory!

Life-Long Search

When we are born in this world, we don't know what family we will be born into, who we will go to school with, or who we will grow up to work with. However, God has led us all the way to know and meet the people we have known and met. Everything in our life has led up to this point: when we enter the truth of life. When we find that soul jailed in a body that hears the voice of Elohim, how happy we are! Until then, we continue to sit next to our long-lost brother and he doesn't even remember. The reality of the situation is that what is seen is temporary and what is unseen, that is eternal (2 Cor. 4:18). We lived our life chasing the wind until now. Father and Mother have been searching for s from the ends of the earth. When They have brought us to the Truth, then They have found us. The truth is Our Father Ahnsahnghong and Our Mother the New Jerusalem. When we know and believe Them, then we can go to heaven.