Thursday, August 21, 2008

Father Ahnsahnghong & Mother Jerusalem, the God of Love!

As you know, we praise the name of Christ Ahnsahnghong in Church of God World Mission Society. Well, there is one song (among many) that caught my heart. Particularly the 2nd verse. It goes like this:

"In this world full of sin we were in slavery of sin and death. On the poor doomed to die, Our Father had compassion. Oh, He came down into this world in the flesh, as a man. 'Cause of our iniquity, Father was mocked and scorned. He was despised, He suffered many things. Though Father could have commanded hosts of angels from the glorious Throne, He showed His great love to us, the sinners. To the whole world we will preach His love."

If only people knew the great plan of God! In the past, God has sent angels, messengers, prophets...but in these last days, God has come down Themselves! For whom has Mother ever come down before? Is it not because They love Their children more than anything? Surely, we are the children of God.