Friday, November 14, 2008

COG: Cult or Not?

What is this talk about Church of God World Mission Society being a cult?! What is "cultish" about ACTUALLY following the Bible?

When I attended the sunday worship churches or even the 7th Day Adventists (who keep half the Sabbath) no one said that I was wrong, even though sunday worship is clearly NOT in the Bible. Neither is communion, and all churches (except COG) keep that. Jehovah's Witnesses don't count in keeping the Passover since they don't really eat the Passover.
However, now I attend Church of God World Mission Society and keep the full Sabbath and all of the Feasts of God, every teaching of the Bible is kept here AND NOW I'M IN A CULT?!

Wake up people! Do you even know where sunday worship came from? PAGANS! Constantine made sunday worship in honor of his sun god, Mithra. (Look it up!) And X-mas is a combination of 3 pagan holidays. Do your research. Easter was made to honor the goddess of the spring, Ishtar. This information is not hard to find, it was just never disclosed to the average person.

According to EVERY prophecy in the Bible, God came again as the Christ Ahnsahnghong and "reminded" us of everything He said He would in His 1st coming, (John 14:26). Gee, could that be the reason ONLY Church of God keeps 100% the Bible teachings out of every church in the world?

Who's really in a cult?