Friday, February 6, 2009

Like A Dove Soaring Up...

Like a bird soaring up toward the heavens,
I would fly to heaven everlasting home.
But I'm still in this body so I cannot fly.
Soon my loving Father Ahnsahnghong will take me back home.
Though this world troubles and persecutes me,
When I think of my home heaven I am not afraid.
Oh Father speed your coming, please do not delay.
I am praying for the day when you will take me home.

Like a tree growing up in mountains and fileds,
I would like to spread the scent and bear abundant fruit.
Though the worries of this life choke and trouble me,
Mother suffers in my stead and hold me in Her arms.
Mother always welcomes me with bright and gentle smile,
hiding all Her pain and suffering for this sinful child.
Oh Mother, please forgive me, I'm a sinner!
I am thankful for Your mercy from my heart and soul.

I Want to Go to Heaven With My Father Ahnsahnghong

I want to fly to heaven, climbing on the clouds above. I miss my home so much; when will I come back to my home?

Oh, loving Father's there.
I dream of Father.
Oh, loving family's there. I can't wait to see
them all.

I want to go to heaven, flying high above the clouds. in heaven I will see my loving Father Ahnsahnghong.

A dove is flying so high, soaring high above the skies. I want to fly back home, that I may meet my Father.

The dove is flying high, returning to its nest.
I want to fly back home like the dove and go back home.

I want to go to heaven, soaring high above the skies. In heaven I will see my loving Father Ahnsahnghong.

Father Ahnsahnghong Has Prepared Heaven For Us

If with all my heart I repent,
can my sins be forgiven?
If my tears become a stream,
can I cross the milky way?
Oh I want to go to heaven,
eve if it's in my dreams.
That is my eternal home
Father Ahnsahnghong has prepared for me.

In heaven my Mother is with me;
Only joy overflows.
I will go back to my home,
to the river of life.
Now I hear Father Ahnsahnghong's earnest voice:
"Come home, quickly come home!"
Let's go home together
thru endurance and love.