Monday, August 31, 2009

Have you ever heard about the Heavenly Mother?

A dramatic change in my life of faith
I was born a catholic and went to church following my parents. As I grew up I visited many other denomination wishing to find the truth church and the true God my search become hopeless there were no answer for my questions my spiritual life grew cold and I turned away from churches even though I thirsted for the word of God.
2 years ago in two different occasion I was approached by a member of the Church of God, with this question “have you ever heard about the existing of the Heavenly Mother? “ the first time I refused to listen to them I was inwardly surprised because it was something very new to me but I promised that if I hear it again I will listen: 2 weeks later I was stop for a second time but did not kept my promise and I did not listen to them, but I told them that I would star reading the bible by my self and learn about the word of God., they told me that the bible is a book of prophecy that only God reveal his mysteries to his chosen people,.

The next week I bought my self a bible and starred reading from the first book of Genesis on, but the more I read the more confuse I became so I decide to stop reading and start praying earnestly to have another chance to hear the words. Few weeks ago I met a old friend from college after a long conversation about our lives she star preaching to me about the words of the bible she mention about Jerusalem who is the female image of God and also told me about 2nd coming Christ I was very surprise to hear everything that she told me I went to the church the next day and after studying about the Passover there was no reason for me to delay being born again as a child of God, I am very thankful that God listen to my prayer and sent another angel. Even though is not long since I start attending the church I am able to recognize that everything they teach me is from the bible.