Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Does It Matter Where We Study the Bible?

Yes! I met someone recently who just got into studying the Bible. When I met her, she was to start her Bible classes with a church the upcoming week. She listened to what I had to say and felt that she should still try the place she was arranged to go, only to avoid having to go to so many places. However, I told her that just because they teach the Bible doesn't mean that you're going to learn correctly.

Now then, how can you determine where to go to study the Bible and learn correctly?

For this, we need to know the teaching of Christ Himself. This will be our basis on whether the "learning center" (whether it is a church or something else) is going to teach the Bible correctly.

Jesus kept the Sabbath Day (Saturday) as the day to worship God in the church (Luke 4:16)
Jesus gave us His flesh and blood on Passover night, the appointed time once a year (Luke 22:7-20)
Jesus taught that the women in the church should cover their heads for worship (1 Cor. 11:1-6)

These are all the basic teachings of Christ. There's still the other yearly Feasts of God, and so many other things. But even looking at these, we can determine if a church or any place will teach us correctly God's message.
Let's suppose a church, keeping sunday, communion and women not covering their head, men covering their head (modern day priests in the Catholic Church) claim to teach the Bible correctly. If they themselves do not keep the teachings of Christ, how can they teach correctly others the Bible? Looking around, what church does keep the teaching of Christ? Where is it that the women cover their heads, men not? The Passover is kept yearly at the God appointed time? The sabbath is kept weekly? Is it not only Church of God World Mission Society? Is it not because we received the truth of God from God Himself, Christ Ahnsahnghong? Then where should you really be studying?