Thursday, May 14, 2009

Believe It Or Not...

Let's say the news paper reported that a certain man dressed in a pinstripe suit with a purple bow tie will be in the lobby of a specific hotel to give out $1000 to the first 20 people on the particular day. Even though the event didn't happen yet, how many people would go there? No matter who says that it won't happen in the future, so many people go there. The way they can recognize this man is that he's wearing a purple bow tie. When the time came, there he was giving out $1000. To those who believed, they became $1000 richer. To those who didn't believe it (and rarely does anyone doubt the news paper) the event didn't not happen, it just went on without them.

Compare this story to what's true. Even though many people say that it won't happen, God already prophecied that He would appear in the flesh to open the way to the Kingdom of Heaven. Christ Ahnsahnghong appeared in 1948 to fulfill many Bible prophecies, handing out eternal life. The way the Bible told us to recognize Him was that only God will give us eternal life through the Passover. Now that the event has taken place, to those who believed the Bible prophecy patiently waits for the Kingdom of Heaven. Those who didn't believe, well, they'll find out soon enough that they should have.